Simple GoPro Stabilizer

February 27, 2015 knoptop 0

I’ve been following Mitch Bergsma on youtube for a long time and he’s always got some great tips and tricks for shooting video. In Mitch’s […]


January 27, 2015 knoptop 0

  There’s a few faces many of you may be familiar with in the DSLR filmmaking world. Two of the most common are “The Viewfinder Angry Face” […]

Zoom H1 – Date Change

August 8, 2014 knoptop 0

Recently, I’ve been noticing audio files that I have recorded just weeks ago have been listed as being ‘modified/created on’ a date from years ago? […]

DSLR Checklist – Organize Your Gear – Quick Tip

July 18, 2014 knoptop 0

Here’s a quick tip to help you organize and track your production equipment!  Print and laminate a photo and checklist of your packed video or […]

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