The Art of Racking Focus

September 12, 2012 knoptop 0

Evan Luzi, from The Black and Blue, shares some great insight on the art of racking focus.  The term racking focus (also known as “pulling […]

PVC Mic Stand

August 29, 2012 knoptop 0

[youtube][/youtube] Here’s a great little mic stand that you can put together using cheap PVC. CheapGeek1 shares his simple, sturdy design and shows you just […]

Gun Movie FX – Quick Muzzle Flashes

August 25, 2012 knoptop 0

[youtube][/youtube] *I added a youtube color grade after uploading. Shot and recorded with my ipod touch. App Available here: This muzzle flash was created in […]

$6 DIY Light Panel

July 26, 2012 knoptop 0

[youtube][/youtube] Chad Bredahl of Krotoflik has another great addition to his DIY Filmmaking gear with this DIY $6 LED light panel design! Using a few cheap items […]

Universal Avatars

June 21, 2012 knoptop 0

[youtube][/youtube] I’ve been spending a lot of time on websites that are setup with a wordpress platform. Typically, these websites, as well as may others, […]

No Picture

Make Your Props Look More Realistic in Seconds!

October 27, 2011 knoptop 0

In this episode we cover a simple yet effect trick to make your rubber and plastic movie props and masks look more realistic! As with […]

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