$30 DIY LED Light!

Over the years, I have always been planning to build my own LED light panel. There have been all kinds of great DIY builds that I’ve found and bookmarked, but all of them still had a lot of components and steps involved.


Then.. I found this DIY 600 LED Light Tutorial from Taylord Films

This is by far, one of the easiest DIY LED light builds that I’ve seen and it’s everything Quick FX is about!

Here’s the parts list:

Unlike most other DIY LED light setups, this tute has you simply wrap the LED light strip around the inside of the clamp light. Using the solder-free connector plug, you don’t even need to solder!

diy-led light


They’ve updated the original build with a newer 1200 LED light setup using the same technique featured in their original tute.

The materials for these types of electronics is always changing and (in most cases) has become even cheaper! These are the links to the basic setup, but there might be better electronics and LED lights out by the time you decide to build your LED light. So, do some research and I hope this article was helpful with inspiring you to .. go make something!


Though they haven’t uploaded much recently, there are many other great DIY videos on their channel, you can check out some of Taylord Films other DIY videos here: youtube.com/TaylordFilms