DIY 360˚ GoPro Camera Swivel Rig

Here’s a super easy (non-destructive) 360˚ Swivel Helmet mount that you can make for just a few dollars. Sets up in minutes and creates some really cool shots!

QFX-360 GoPro Helmet Rig.Still013

The Quick FX DIY 360˚ GoPro Camera Helmet Swivel Rig is designed to setup fast and when mounted to a helmet with vent holes the entire rig can be setup using zip-ties making it completely non-destructive!

QFX Helmet Rig - Swivel Mount Close Up

“Non-destructive” meaning that there’s no need to modify any of the equipment used in the build.  Unlike many other DIY swivel designs, the Quick FX 360 Rig can be assembled without drilling, grinding, or cutting (for the most part).

QFX Helmet Rig - DIY GoPro Mount

GoPro has a ‘Handle bar’ Pole mount available or you can try a t-joint and 1/4-20 bolt into the 1/4-20 GoPro Tripod adapter.


QFX Helmet Rig - Supply List

Here’s everything you’re going to need. A pole, some zip-ties (cable ties), tape, counter-weight,  a swivel caster, and a helmet with vent holes.

QFX Helmet Rig - Swivel Caster

I found that the 2 inch Swivel Caster mounted the best. You’ll want to be sure to look for a caster with a removable bolt so you can remove the wheel.

QFX Helmet Rig - Tape

Some tape will help hold everything in place and give the rig ‘breaking points’ in case of a wreck.

QFX Helmet Rig - Zip Ties

Industrial zip-ties (cable ties) work great. I choose to use 12inch ties and they fit through the existing holes in the swivel caster and helmet.

QFX Helmet Rig - Face

Once you balance your counter weight you can tape everything down to keep the rig from sliding in the swivel.

QFX Helmet Rig - GoPro

This giant wrench isn’t really the safest option.  I’d recommend using an ankle weight or something more compact as your counter weight.

QFX Helmet Rig - Side Shot

That’s it!  You’re ready to try out your GoPro camera swivel rig!

QFX Helmet Rig - Sample Shot

Tilting your head allows the camera to swivel around and with a little practice you get the feel for how the camera moves and you can get creative to move the camera for creative angles and cool lens flares.

QFX Helmet Rig - Alt Shots

The 360 swivel rig is just another tool designed to give you some creativity to your video. Shooting additional video from different angles is a great option for more options when you want to edit your video together.

QFX Helmet Rig - Quick FX Knoptop

The swivel rig looks odd but it feels comfortable to wear when it’s balanced correctly.

QFX Helmet Rig - Sample Shot 2

The shots that you can get from the rig are so much fun! And it’s a great way to capture a ‘follow camera’ perspective when you’re shooting by yourself.

QFX Helmet Rig - Aaron Gascon

Taking the swivel rig out on a nice sunny day, you can get all kinds of great shots!

QFX Helmet Rig - Sample Skating Gasconman

You’ll want to think about where the sun is and watch out for shadows of this crazy helmet rig.

Canon Elph 300hs - Taped Low Shooting

One of my favorite ‘B-Cameras’ is the Canon 300HS Elph. We put some tape on the top of the camera for some ‘protection’.


QFX Helmet Rig - Elph 300HS monopod

Attaching the small camera to the end of another favorite tool of mine, a handheld monopod, we are able to capture additional video to edit together with the DIY GoPro swivel rig video.

QFX Helmet Rig - Sample Shot Skateboarding Low Shot

Shooting a variety of angles and shots will help your final production look much more dynamic!

QFX-360 GoPro Helmet Rig.Still024

The DIY 360˚ GoPro Camera Helmet Swivel Rig is just another way to get some creative shots and I hope it’ll inspire you to get out there and Go Make Something!

QFX 360 GoPro Helmet Rig - Knoptop

If you have any ideas or requests that you’d like to see on Quick FX, send an email to QuickFX (at) or leave an audio message by clicking the link on the left side of this page that says “send a voicemail”!

Here’s a list of the Video/Audio equipment used in this episode!
Canon T2i (w/ Magic Lantern Firmware)
GoPro Hero2
Canon Powershot 300hs Elph
Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM
Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di II Aspherical (IF) A16E
Zoom H1


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