$6 DIY Light Panel


Chad Bredahl of Krotoflik has another great addition to his DIY Filmmaking gear with this
DIY $6 LED light panel design! Using a few cheap items available at most dollar stores, he shows how to put them together and make your very own LED light panel.

The specific lights used in this tutorial is what makes this build work out so well. Below I put a link to the LED lights that Chad is using, but it is only for reference. Purchasing these items at your local Dollar Tree or Dollar Store is the cheapest way to create your LED panel. Buying online for this specific project will cost you more then you’d want.

What you’ll need:
“3 Function All Purpose Light” – LED light from (Dollar Tree – USA)
Plastic container to hold everything.

From watching the video, I think that the light output is pretty impressive!  I think it’d be worth adding a few more of these lights for a few dollars to create an LED light panel that offers even more output.

As shown in the video, you will want to be careful when selecting your plastic container.  Containers with edges or grooves will cast shadows.

Chad also mentions in the video that you will still need to purchase additional batteries for the LED units.  But most Dollar stores offer good deals on these small batteries as well!

All in all this is a great project and I’m sure it will be a good start for even more cheap LED lighting options that you guys can come up with!

Be sure to check out Krotoflik’s Youtube Channel 
Chad’s got more ‘do it yourself’ filmmaking tutorials, as well as some great information on choosing a computer for your film editing!



Here’s an update to Chad’s original post!
In this video, he shows you how to link the lights to turn on all 5 LED’s.  All you’ll need is a solder iron. 


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