Camera Stabilizer with Kinetic Remote (The BeeWorks 5)


I’ve seen all kinds of hand-held gimbal camera stabilizers on the market this past year. So, when I first glanced over an email from the guys at BeeWorks, contacting me about their hand-held stabilizer project up on Kickstarter, I wasn’t really interested.

But then something caught my eye in description of this stabilizer system…
“Kinetic Remote”?!

The Kinetic Remote is just one of the many innovative features of the BeeWorks Camera Stabilizer Project.

BeeWorks has named this camera stabilizer project  “The BeeWorks 5″  and instead of me going on and on about all of the interesting features, CLICK HERE and check out the Kickstarter to read all about it.  



Here’s an excerpt from the kickstarter page:
“The BeeWorks Kinetic Remote system, the BeeWorks 5 can be controlled remotely while attached to its stand. The stand makes it possible to mount the camera in unique locations, like the hood of a car, on a table or window, or on a lighting stand.  ”

As you can tell, this is the feature that really makes this system stand out to me.




You can learn more about the BWo5 Camera Stabilizer Project on their Kickstarter HERE.

You can also check out the creators website to learn more too!

If this system is a little too pricey for your budget, you could always try to continue developing my gyro-bowl gimbal camera stabilizer idea. 🙂


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