DIY 2 Axis Camera Gimbal System?



$10 Camera Gimbal System- - QUICK FX.mp4.Still003

Ideas.. ideas.. Sometimes I get ideas and they may not always be great ideas, but I how can you know until you try it out? Recently, I was at Toys-R-Us and came across this GYRO BOWL Spill Resistant Kids Gyroscopic Bowl.

$10 Camera Gimbal System- - QUICK FX.mp4.Still007

The plastic bowl has a 2 axis gimbal system that allows the bowl to stay upright.

$10 Camera Gimbal System- - QUICK FX.mp4.Still006

With some velcro I decided to attach my GoPro 2 and see if this bowl could be used as a camera gimbal system!

$10 Camera Gimbal System- - QUICK FX.mp4.Still005

There wasn’t much engineering involved with these first tests. I was just curious how the first tests might look.

$10 Camera Gimbal System- - QUICK FX.mp4.Still004

After only a few tests, I could see that the gimbal system was working but the camera was still rocking. There was nothing to slow down the rocking movement.

$10 Camera Gimbal System- - QUICK FX.mp4.Still008

I mounted the camera on the bottom of the bowl with velcro so I wouldn’t wreck the bowl. But I hope this idea could inspire you to go make something!

Email me at with any ideas or video tutes of your own!

Thanks for watching!

Charles Sanson built a gyro bowl camera stablizer and got it to work!
He’s also got some other cool DIY camera gear on his channel.


Equipment used in this episode:
Gyro Bowl Camera – GoPro 2
Camera – Canon T2i
Lens – Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4
Audio – Zoom H1



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