Creative Lighting – LED Flashlight – Quick Tip


Here’s a quick tip to get better lighting using a simple LED flashlight. Using the bright (cool) white light of the LED flashlight to contrast the incandescent room light, in this example,  you can add some simple background lighting. With a bright LED flashlight you can add some dynamic visuals to your video and photos.

There are all kinds of interesting and creative lighting setups you could create with a simple flashlight.

And the best part is… it’s still a flashlight, which is handy to have on set anyway!

Here’s some components used in this video:
I use the clip mic holder on the mic boom because it can hold a variety of mics and things… like this flashlight!



Equipment used in this episode:
Panasonic HDC-TM900K — (recorded in Digital Cinema 24p)
Vegas Movie Studio HD 11
Windows 7 64bit

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