DIY Homemade Light Stands – Photography Filmmaking

Today we take a look at 2 versions of, what I think could possibly be the easiest, simplest light stands yet!

This episode is an experiment using the Samsung camera’s pause feature to cut together the entire show all in camera.  I’m hoping this will allow me to put out more tutorials!! … I have all kinds of stuff I want to share with you, and this may be the ‘quickest’ way to get it to you!

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List of items in this build:
Painters Pole or PVC pipe
Plunger or Bulb changer top
Rubber chair tip or some duct tape

I provided some links to some items;
>> Be sure to surf the Web and/ or Visit your local Hardware Store for the best deals! <<

3/4″ PVC pipe and any connectors of choice (coupling, t-joints, elbows)
(available at your local hardware store)

Painter Pole -Telescoping Extension Poles, 6′ to 12′

Small blue toilet plunger top

Bulb Changer Kit

Rubber Chair tips (optional)
Duct tape would work as well.

For more PVC building projects check out:

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This episode was recorded and cut  together all in camera using the ‘smart pause feature’  on the SAMSUNG HMX-Q10, more info here:

Time-Lapse video using the iphone app imMotion HD – Watch that here:

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