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There’s a few faces many of you may be familiar with in the DSLR filmmaking world. Two of the most common are “The Viewfinder Angry Face” and the “Preview Face”.  Well, for my “The Viewfinder Angry Face” is common while shooting video at work.

Other than looking like the angry filmmaker, squinting  during the long shoot days would typically give me a headache as well.  Awhile back I decided to experiment with using an eye patch to see if it’d help with my LCD viewfinder shooting.

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Though it looks a little ridiculous, the eye patch actually worked great in the bright sunlight!  I was able to keep both eyes open while shooting and I was able to hit my focus easier without the strain of my other eye squinting.

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The  eye patch was a bit rigid and the elastic strap was hard to manage when adjusting it with one free hand.  The concept did work though! I feel like a more comfortable option like a simple bandana folded over one eye would be just a effect and serve a dual purpose to absorb sweat on a hot shooting day.

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Another (more practical) is to wear a hoody and pull the hood down over your face as you shoot.  This method worked the best and since the weather is so cold this time of year you’ll probably be wearing a jacket or hoody anyway.

The camera setup shown in this video:
Canon 5D MarkII
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L
Tiffen 77MM Variable ND Fliter
LCDVF Viewfinder w/ Blue Star Oval Small Eye Cushion
Rode VideoMic
Mounted on a Redrock Micro Shoulder rig

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For my personal video and film work, I’m still using the same equipment I’ve been using for the past few years.

dslr face - 7Some of the equipment shown here:
Canon T2i (w/ Magic Lantern Firmware)
Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC
Modified DIY Viewfinder
P&C DSLR Pistol Grip Handgrip
DIY Camera Mic Windmuff
External Audio  Zoom H1 Mic

More Details of this episode:
This episode was shot entirely on the iPhone 5
FilMic Pro App used for studio footage, synced with audio from the Zoom H1 Mic.
B-Roll was shot using the iPhone’s standard video camera
Edited in Premiere Pro CS6


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