10 EASY Filmmaking Tricks

Here are a few basic tips you can do to get better audio and video out of your DSLR.  The idea with these Quick FX tips is to show you some ways you can get the most out of your filmmaking with little or no money.

lav mic
If you want to record your audio in your camera, be sure to set the input AGC (auto gain control) to off. This will help reduce that ‘hiss’ sound.  You can plug in an exention mic like the Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lav.

This mic does create some ‘hiss’ as well, but for the price, it’s a great option if you want to have your audio and video recorded together.
DSLR Video Tricks-Tips - QUICK FX.mp4.Still002

But sometimes the camera mic can work fine!  Just be sure to create a ‘wind muff’ of some kind so any wind that may be blowing won’t hit your mic directly.

Here’s a tute showing how to create a temporary wind muff for your mic.

wind muff

I didn’t mention it in this video, but if you’re ready to advance to external audio recording that’s synced together in post.  The Zoom H1 paired with the AZDEN EX503 is a great option.  It’s how I recorded the audio in this video!

ND filter 2

ND filters and Polarizing filters are not the same.  If you’d like to get better depth of field while shooting outdoors and overall better quality outdoors in bright sunlight an ND filter is probably something you’ll want to invest in.

They aren’t very expensive and come in very handy!

The set of Tiffen Neutral Density Filters that I use: .3 /.6/ .9.

nd filter 1

If you’d like to invest in something a little more versatile a Variable ND filter may be your next step.  This filter will give you the freedom to adjust the amount of light without having to switch out filters.

DSLR Video Tricks-Tips - QUICK FX.mp4.Still006

Carry a small tripod with you. A lightweight tripod can used as a camera stabilizer or shoulder rig as well. I typically throw one in my car so I have one with me all the time.  A small mini tripod is worth keeping in your bag as well.

DSLR Video Tricks-Tips - QUICK FX.mp4.Still008

When shooting solo, be sure to check your shot for focus. It’s worth checking a few short clips instead of shooting an entire scene only to realize that it’s all out of focus.

DSLR Video Tricks-Tips - QUICK FX.mp4.Still007
Another option is to use a wireless shutter release remote.  This generic brand remote will allow you to set focus and start recording your video wirelessly!



Repurposing gear like your tripod or even the camera strap, are just some of the many ways you can save money and still get great video!

stabilizer shoulder rig

Thanks for checking out these tips and be sure to comment or video respond with shooting tips that you may have!

Here are affiliate links to some of the items mentioned!  Thanks for your support!



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