Focus Buddy (version 2!?)

This Kickstarter project is complete  Version 2 “ninja” is still available here:

A Quick FX viewer (and fellow ‘maker of things’) Dana Ray, mailed me a prototype of his latest Kickstarter project called the Focus Buddy.

Sequence 01.Still004

The Focus Buddy is a “friction drive focus device” that simply attaches to the camera’s 1/4-20 mount and quickly adjusts into position.

focus buddy

The focus ‘wheel’ is an inline skate, and though these types of designs have been created before in the DIY community, I haven’t seen this specific simple – yet (super) effective design!

web shot

This is Dana’s second Kickstarter project and he did his best to show all of the different camera and lens setups that will work with this system.

Sequence 01.Still007

I was surprised how fast the setup is and how well the focus system worked!

Sequence 01.Still006

The focus is smooth and easy to dial in with the ergonomic position of the focus wheel. Though, this is a ‘friction drive’ setup so there is some “slippage” with the wheel on the lens band and the setup won’t currently work with a battery grip, so it does have it’s limitations.

focus bud 1

But this setup is a great, low cost way to help with your DSLR focusing.

Sequence 01.Still008

As I was testing out the focus drive with different setups and rigs I decided to attach it to my new ‘camera house’ pvc stabilizer rig and the Focus Buddy fit on it perfectly! So well in fact, that I might incorporate the Focus Buddy into my final design.

Sequence 01.Still005

This Kickstarter project is complete  Version 2 “ninja” is still available here:

This episode:

Music by Dan-O at – “Now is Now”

Some of the equipment used in this episode:
iPhone 5 (main camera)
Ego – Action Cam
External Audio:  Zoom H1 Mic w/ Azden Lav Mic

Focus Buddy setup on:
Canon T2i
 (w/ Magic Lantern Firmware)
Lens: Tamron AF 17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di-II LD SP Aspherical (IF)