Focus Assist For Your DSLR – DIY Follow Focus

I posted this video awhile ago, but I wanted to update the article with new links and details about where to pick up these jar openers.


This idea is a  super cheap DIY solution for a ‘follow focus assist’ for your DSLR camera!  Tony Carretti (link below) came up with this idea for using a Trudeau brand jar opener as a focus assist solution and when I saw his video, I had to try it out and share it with you!

These jar openers aren’t listed online at Bed Bath and Beyond, or the Target website, but they may still be available in store.

I contacted the manufacturer and it seems that these items are sold at a lot of Hallmark stores too!  Ace hardware and some other places have also been known to carry them.

They are listed on ebay if you search “silicone twist jar” – But watch for high shipping charges.

These items are available on Amazon:


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