Run & Gun Setup – w/ Panasonic G85

Here’s my low cost Run & Gun Video Gear setup with the Panasonic Lumix G85!
Full list of the Video Gear featured in this video:

Learn more about the Reflex Camera Rig:

Panasonic Lumix G85:
Lumix 12-60mm Lens:

My manfrotto tripod is still one of the best investments I’ve made over these past 18yrs of doing video production. Having a good tripod with a fluid head that is sturdy yet still lightweight is something worth investing in! It will outlive whatever camera is sitting on top of it.


These little reference cards fit so well into my Case Logic camera bag are just some of the many little tools that don’t cost very much but can really improve your video productions and filmmaking!

This Aputure HR672W LED light has me re-thinking how I want to do location lighting from here on out. It was so easy to setup and use and with the battery power, there was no wires to deal with and it’s SO BRIGHT! I’ve used a smaller LED light from Aputure for years now, which has been great for back lightings, highlights and things on set.

Working with this Aputure HR672W LED light was exactly what I needed. Easy to carry in its portable case and bright enough to light the scene the way I wanted. Whichever brand of LED light you might decide to work with, LED portable lighting is definitely worth looking into!

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This episode was shot on the Canon 60D – Full list of equipment used to film this episode:
Canon 60D, Sigma lens, Manfrotto tripod, Mic stand w/ boom

Music created by:
Game Dave