Simple GoPro Stabilizer

I’ve been following Mitch Bergsma on youtube for a long time and he’s always got some great tips and tricks for shooting video.

In Mitch’s latest GoPro tip he shares a great way to achieve steady handheld shots.

Taking the K.i.S.S. method literally, you simply place the camera case against your lips (or chin) and you can stabilize your handheld camera!

You also have a better chance of getting your shot as your head follows the action and the camera moves along with it. For even more stability, Mitch also recommends attaching a GoPro Handle like the Grenade grip.

Here’s another tip from Mitch, stand up when riding things like seadoos or horses and your legs will also help to stabilize your GoPro video.

In fact, he’s got an entire series deticated to GoPro filmmaking tips!
(Watch the GoPro Tips Playlist here)

Mitch’s videos are packed with all kinds of other great filmmaking tips and tricks and along with his filmmaking skills, he’s also got some impressive  water skiing skills worth checkin’ out!

Check out Mitch’s Youtube channel for more great videos!


Here’s some of the gear Mitch used in his video:

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