Haircut Effect!

Here’s a quick effect that will give your actor a goofy haircut and all you’ll need is a rubber band!

qfx haircut EDIT.Still003

This effect can be setup in seconds and with some adjustment it looks realistic!

qfx haircut EDIT.Still004

qfx haircut EDIT.Still005    qfx haircut EDIT.Still006

To create this effect, simply stretch the rubber band over your head and below your hairline. Be sure that the band is large enough to fit over your dome.

qfx haircut EDIT.Still007

Position the band on your forehead and move it upward a few inches. Then, brush the hair back over the band.

qfx haircut EDIT.Still008

That’s it! You now have a snazzy new do! (aka: the ‘dumb and dumber’ hairstyle)

qfx haircut EDIT.Still010

The rubber band handling noise in this episode was added in post. I wrapped a rubber band around an empty water bottle and sprayed everything with water.

While wearing rubber gloves I moved the band and stretched it.  The bottle helps amplify the sound and the water created more friction and rubber band noise.

qfx haircut EDIT.Still009

In the video, the rubber band ‘boingy’ sound effect was created in post with a Jaw Harp.

Some of the equipment used in this episode:
Canon T2i (w/ Magic Lantern Firmware)
Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC
External Audio 
 Zoom H1 Mic



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