Homemade Table Dolly – Filmmaking Flip

This is a simple DIY table dolly system designed to offer a variety of camera moves. I built this dolly and tested it with a FlipUtra HD camera, but it could be used for larger DSLR and video cameras as well!

The idea for this design was to build a table top dolly that could be easily adjusted for different camera moves and designed to be as small and portable as possible.

The wheels are spare rollers from a sliding closet door rail system. A 2×4 mending plate, some angle aluminum, some bolts and wing nuts, and that’s it! The casters come with their own bolts.

approx. cost: $10.00 /with extra parts. Build time is about 30 minutes.

I made an alternate version of this ‘radial dolly’ for Indy Mogul!
Check it out here:


Thanks for watching!

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