Behind the Scenes with Lindsay Stomp


I recently came across some behind the scenes of a video on Lindsey Stirling‘s channel where she shows off how she created the visuals and effects in here video.

Lindsey works with Devin Graham for most of her shoots and I’ve posted before about his minimalist approach to capturing some great visuals using mostly camera, wide angle lens and a Glidecam HD – 2000.

With some lights and water sprayers, the results are pretty amazing!

Obviously it helps to have great on screen talent and music to go along with it, but I love the minimalist approach to capturing these great scenes!

Devin’s simple Glidecam HD – 2000 setup allows him to create sweeping cinematic camera moves. Filming in unique locations and shooting during  the ‘golden hour‘ will also improve your production value!

I hope seeing some of these behind the scenes will help give you some ideas for planning out your next shoot! It’s great to see artists like this share the tips and tricks they use to create their stuff.
Here’s the final video:


More information about Devin Graham’s gear available here!

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