Magic Arm – Articulating Friction Arm

Until sometime last year, I’ve never heard of these Articulating Friction Arms (aka: magic arms) and after purchasing one for myself,  I think I have used it in almost every camera setup since I’ve purchased it. Whether to hold my monitor, a mic, or a light.. or even using it for supporting the camera itself.

These articulating arms have been hard to purchase at a reasonable price.  But through The Frugal Filmmaker facebook page I was linked to one of the lowest prices I’ve seen:


These work with a single tightening knob.  The pivot points on the ends of the arm move freely and can be set into position. Tighten the knob and everything locks up in the desired position.  It’s a very cool device!

When coupled with other devices like the Giottos Quick Release Adapter, and a hand grip this magic arm can be made into a customizable camera support system. This is my T2i setup with the magic arm and some other components.

(pictured above is my personal setup)
This setup has been changed and modified so many times, it’s different for every production I do. And that’s exactly what I love about it, I can customize it to work exactly how I need it for that shoot.

These articulating arms have 1/4-20 screws on each end, so you don’t need extra accessories for most setups. You can directly connect this into the tripod mount of the camera then into the 1/4-20 mount on your device.

Check out this video by  to see more variation of how these articulating arms can be used.


One of the best parts about using this articulating arm is that it can be used for all kinds of applications and customized on the spot to work the way you need. That alone makes it worth checking out!

Here’s the link to find out more about this low priced 11″ articulating arm: AVAILABLE HERE

And below are links to some other add on gear mentioned in this article.


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