Micro Microphone – (Mini SM58 Omnidirectional Mic)

I came across this micro metal microphone online and I just had to order one and try it out.

and… I love it! This mic is fun!

This mini SM-58 Omnidirectional Mic sounds really good (in my opinion) and it’s fun form factor… is just fun! Ok, I’ll stop talking about how fun this little mic is, but it is… fun. Fun looking, fun to hold, fun to use.

Is “fun” a reason to spend money on something.. well, for me yes. Here’s a size comparison to a fidget spinner. Yes, that’s a fidget spinner, I purchased it for my nephew but ended up keeping it.

This mic is designed for a phone with a TRRS connection and an earphone plug to listen back to your recordings.

The mic is tiny but sturdy. My only gripe would be that I wish the cord was a little longer, but the mic isn’t battery powered so the cord has length limits.

There’s cheaper versions of this mic available online, but I’m not sure what the quality of some of those other brands. I linked the mic below, but search it out online, you may be able to find better deal.

The windscreen unscrews and it’s wire mesh is designed the same as a regular mic. The only thing missing is some foam inside the wire mesh screen so you do get some plosives and wind noise in extreme tests.

It’s so tiny.. and cute!

Another size comparison. Yes, that’s a Tech Deck… I got it for myself.

Anyway, the mic’s cord is a woven thread covering and the overall build quality of this mic is really nice for it’s cheap price.

This mic is one of those little novelties that makes it worth having in your pocket or camera bag because the quality is actually really good! This tiny mic offers the same benefits as the “cute cameras” that I shared in another video, it’s one more tool that can allow you to capture video of people who may not normally want to be on camera, or a fun way to capture interviews.

Get creative! Have fun! Go make something!

This entire episode was filmed on my iPhone 5
iPhone 5 – http://amzn.to/2qXL7kV
FilMic Pro – http://www.filmicpro.com
Mini Metal Microphone – http://amzn.to/2qd7dm8

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