The Art of Racking Focus

Evan Luzi, from The Black and Blue, shares some great insight on the art of racking focus.  The term racking focus (also known as “pulling focus”) is a term used to describe the shift of the focal plane in the lens, on your subject of your filming.

Evan covers this topic from the perspective of the 1st Assistant Camera operator who, typically in big budget films, pulls focus on the camera. However most of us are all of these positions in one, and we pull focus on the camera ourselves. But the insight and point that Evan shares are worth thinking about the next time you plan out your next shoot!

Check out more about this topic and more film production insight on his website:

Many people invest in focus pulling systems for racking focus on thier DSLR,
but check out this article where I share a cheap accessory that you can use on your lens that can assist in pulling smooth focus!

Jar Opener – Focus Assist – more info here

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