DIY Quick Wrist Strap for DSLR

Make yourself a Quick wrist strap with built-in wrist tightener!
It’s a good idea to have some sort of safety support on your camera !

quick fx lens olympus
If you haven’t noticed I’m sporting a vintage olympus lens I picked up at
fotodiox adapter knoptop
I mounted the lens on my Canon T2i with a Fotodiox adapter.

To make your own quick wrist strap. Grab some paracord, or any other heavy duty string you’d like to use.
Fold your cord over and pull about 12-14″. You can cut your strap when your finished to be sure you get the proper length. wrist3
About halfway down the string make a slip-knot.
Push the other end of the string through your knot.
Tie the other end after fitting it around your wrist and then cut your cord.wrist7
With paracord, it’s a good idea to carefully burn the end to keep it from fraying.
Push your quick fx wrist strap through the eyelet of your camera (on the hand-grip side).
knoptop wrist strap quick fx
And that’s it!  Your Quick Safety Strap is done! This is a fast and easy way to be sure you equipment is secure. Especially if you don’t use a neck strap or other type of secure strap.

If you don’t like the look of the quick DIY wrist strap, you could always purchase an professionally made camera strap!
Here’s some links to some other options and camera gear:


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Production equipment used in this episode:
Canon 60D Sigma 17-70mm
Rode VideoMic

Music in this episode:
“Knoptop Quick FX” (QFX Intro Song)

“Junk Ship Gold”

“Attacked by Cherubs”

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