Moldable Plastic + Temporary PVC Glue

If you have ever created any projects out of PVC, then you’ve experienced the permanent results of the PVC glue. Well, I recently came across this very cool moldable plastic called “Instamorph” which not only allows you to custom mold and shape things into a hardened plastic, but can also be used as a temporary PVC glue!

This stuff can be used for making custom molds for handles, grips and even small plastic part replacements. The uses of of this stuff is only limited to your imagination.  Check out the video and see some of the examples of how this plastic can be used (and re-used) and hopefully it will inspire some ideas of how you could use it!

Here’s an example of how this stuff can be used:

PVC glue creates a permanent bond and is nearly impossible to separate once it’s cured. This is a great feature when you want strong pressure strength PVC connections. But for DIY projects and specialty builds this type of connection can be a pain!

Bill Waters (a maker of things) has come up with a great way to use for Polycaprolactone to create reversible bonds to PVC connections!

You can check out the full project details on his blog here!

This material is known as “Shapelock”, “Friendly Plastic” and “Instamorph”

Polycaprolactone are pellets that melt in 150F-160F water. (hot enough to scald you but not cause a serious burn) After a few minutes, the poly can be removed and will cool down yet remains pliable to form and customize.

Here’s an example of more uses for this moldable plastic:


There’s more ideas posted on the MAKE Magazine website here

I’m sure there’s lots of other cool builds that can be created with this stuff.  I’ll keep you posted when I get a chance to try some out!

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