Jib-Crane Using Tripod Parts!

Here’s a cool video showing how to create a jib-crane using some tripod parts!


The this jib breaks down pretty small and the design allows you to tilt the camera.

The design seems like it could use some more work, but the video will definitely give you some great ideas to get started on your own version!

Here’s another version created by Daniel Schweinert  that I think looks great!!

Unfortunatly, I can’t seem to find any more information about the construction or any test video from the completed rig.

But I’m sure this design will give you some DIY IDEAS!

more info here:

For those of you who’d rather just invest in a professionally built Jib/Crane, Amazon has some reasonably priced gear available!

And if you do decide to make your own jib, you may want to check out the the jib stand (below) as an alternative to investing in an expensive tripod!


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