White Balance Card

I’ve had my DSLR camera (Canon T2i) for a few years now, and I’m still learning how to use it to it’s full potential as a video camera.

Among many of the settings that can be customized with a DSLR, one of the most important is white balance.  I came across this bookmarked video from Dave Dugdale while revisiting some of the basics on my Canon DSLR.

I wanted to share this interesting discovery that Dave found while setting white balance with a sheet of paper.


I’ll be honest, I still use white sheets of paper and in most cases I use the camera white balance presets. I’ll just make fine tune adjustments in post if the balance it slightly off.

I actually do own a small white balance/ exposure set that I carry with me in my bag, the  Zeikos ZE-DGC Digital Grey Card Set with Lanyard. But I still end up using presets when run-gun shooting. The reason I use the presets is mostly because my Canon T2i isn’t setup to make custom white balance settings very quickly. But as time goes on I am thinking it may be time to invest in something

Magic Lantern makes it a little easier to set white balance by allowing you to roll through the color temperature settings manually and allowing you to select an exact color temperature number that you may want! This is an option that DSLR camera’s don’t have available standard and is worth checking out. Actually, I don’t know of any cameras that offer this option.  I have been using this function a little more lately as I see how useful it is. Learn more here.

Down the road, I may look into the Lastolite LL LR1250t like Dave uses in his video but for now my portable lanyard swatches have worked fine.  I think my next step is to get back into the habit of actually using them!


My Vine video with Dave features the Photovision 24″ Pocket One Shot Digital Target that he currently uses on most of his shoots.

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