Zoom H1 – Date Change

Recently, I’ve been noticing audio files that I have recorded just weeks ago have been listed as being ‘modified/created on’ a date from years ago?  I thought it was a computer issue until I realized it was because I had been removing the battery when I wasn’t using the recorder.

Until recently, it hasn’t been an issue.  That was until I did a recording over the course of a few days and then another a few months later that I had no clue what files were recorded when.  Having the correct time and date can really help with syncing in editing and finding assets later in post.

To reset the time/date, all you need to do is  hold the RECord button when you power on your Zoom H1 and that will give you the prompt to set your date and time.  Use the forward and rewind buttons on the side to adjust the number increments and press the play button to progress.  If you need to back up, just hit the RECord button.  It’s that easy!

Another quick trick to fix that rattle in the battery cover!
Place a thin piece of foam or cloth on top of your battery to take up the slack, and that will fix the rattle problem!

Other Equipment used in this episode:
Audio: Zoom H1
Camera: Canon T2i
Lens: Tamron 17-50mm

Music by:
Luke Neumann – “Corporate Intro #1”

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