Zoom H1 Pack – Alternative to a Wireless Mic – QUICK TIP

Here’s a quick tip on how to setup your Zoom H1 as a dual purpose portable recorder that clips to your talents belt. This setup includes, a zoom h1, sm58 windscreen, phone pouch* (dollar store), stereo adapter and a lav mic.

*Thanks to TheFrugalFilmmaker.com for the idea to use the phone pouch!

I’ve recently updated my LAV mic setup and now use the Azden EX503 lav mic! It’s setup on a 3′ cord with an elbow connection and works perfect with the H1 setup and best of all, no battery needed!

This setup is a low cost alternative to a wireless mic system, as your talent can move around freely and the audio can be synced up in post.

While the mic windscreen helps hide the mic, it also allows for the mic to easily be transformed into a handheld mic by simply unplugging the lav mic.

Here’s links to some of the gear mentioned:


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