H4n vs. juicedLink

In a follow-up to a previous comparison Robert Rozak, President of juicedLink, compares the ‘signal to noise ratio’ of an H4N audio recorder connected to a dynamic mic to a juicedLink RA333 Riggy connected to the same mic recorded into a Canon 60D.


The mic is a Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone which is much less sensitive to condenser mics like the Rode NTG2 mic used in the previous comparison.

To give you an idea, the Sennheiser E835 sensitivity = 2.7 mV/Pa where typicals hotgun mics sensitivity = 15mV/Pa.

I was surprised to hear such bad signal to noise (aka: hiss) in the H4N recording!  Robert explains in the video that one of the problems was that the H4N was turned up 100% full gain and the mic was still only able to get about -24dB of mic input levels. The H4N is gain limited, there’s not enough gain to get enough signal to go into the recorder at a high enough level above the noise floor, which explains why the recording had such bad signal to noise.

Currently I own a Zoom H1 for personal/home projects and an H4N for professional project that are in need of XLR inputs.  However, After hearing how well the RA333 Riggy did in this test I’m beginning to think about investing in a juicedLink system. In addition to the clean audio, recording directly into the camera would be a nice bonus.

But here’s the cool thing, in this test is Robert shows us that you could run the Sennheiser E835 into the juicedLink box then  into the H4n to achieve the same lo/no hiss quality. This would give you a setup that could record clean audio on 4 tracks into your H4n!

If you wanted to get really crazy, you could also run a line out and record yet another track into your DSLR.

I’ll have to do some more research on this audio setup and see if it’s something worth investing in for the video/film productions I do.  Either way, it’s obvious that the juiceLink box does produce a clean track of audio based on the setup shown in the video!

Here are links to some of the gear mentioned in this article:


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