Mini DSLR Camera Tripod? – Mic Handle + iPod H1 Zoom Audio Test

This episode of tech talk features a little bit of everything  First off, I wanted to share this cool mini tripod that shipped out free with one of my camera bags.

The mini table tripod is made of plastic but still has a sturdy design.  If it was made out of aluminum, it’d be perfect!!  But it’s still a nice little piece of gear to have in the bag.  It is able to support my DSLR camera pretty well!  (Though it may not be designed for that much weight)

It’s also a great handle for my Zoom H1 !! The mini tripod is made by a few companies, the most familiar is Vivitar.
More info available here:
3″ Mini Digital Camera Tripod

If you listen closely, it sounds like there is a ‘whistling’ noise as the wind blows created by the windmuff… Interesting.

I was impressed with how well the windscreen did, it was a windy day! The audio quality of the Zoom h1 was nice, though I think I had my input levels slightly too high as the audio peaked in a few places during my dialogue.  And I’m still getting use to how ‘stereo’ the mic pick up is.  Tilting the mic just slightly and the audio moves from center to left or right.

The ipod audio was surprisingly good! Though placing it in a pocket, you can hear the rustling of the clothes.

But it wouldn’t make too bad of a mic.  …backup, last resort mic. 🙂

Zoom H1

ZoomH1 Wind Screen – Furry Head

Thanks for watchinng!

This episode:
Canon T2i – Tamron AF 17-50mm F2.8 XR Di2 lens
B-roll camera: Panasonic DMC-TZ5
Zoom h1 audio
ipod touch 4th gen. audio
Vegas Movie Studio 11
Windows 7 – 64bit

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