Tech Review – Transview (TT-200L) Extendable Handheld Monopod

This device seems to now be called a “TT-200L” Camera Extendable Hand Held Monopod

Here’s a quick review / test of the Transview brand extendable pocket monopod. A small extending handheld monopod, that you attach your camera to and shoot video or take photos of yourself from a distance. Capture photos or video above the crowds or in hard to reach places, and other cool stuff like that.

The Transview (TT-200L) is a cheaper namebrand than the Xshot version. This version extends to 27 1/2″ (from about 12″ closed)

Here’s another brand:
Manfrotto Element Aluminum 5-Section Monopod

For the price, I think it’s worth having in the camera bag. Obviously, this monopod if best used with smaller ‘pocket camera’s’.

See how you can use this monopod to video record yourself:

Thanks for watching!

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