Camera Stabilizer – “The Ready Rig”

If you’ve been doing research for a camera stabilizer or support system for your DSLR, you’ve probably come across the “The Ready Rig”- Weightless Camera Shoulder Support System.

A 4-point stabilization system that balances and “completely eliminates weight” according to the website. This support system is designed to allow for 180° tilt, simulated jib moves and more.

The rig is setup with a series of sliding rods and pivot joints, and has an interesting design. The setup allows for  camera support while still allowing for smooth camera mobility.


Check out the test shots below! I’m curious to hear what everyone thinks of this rig after watching the test footage.

Let me know what you think! Can these same shots be created without The Ready Rig?


Here’s the video showing off the rig design:



You can find out more about The Ready Rig on their website.


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