Triangulate! – GoPro Camera Mounting Tips


Here’s a cool video with some helpful tips for camera mounting options. Stan McClain of Filmtools shares some interesting camera mounting designs for the GoPro Hero2 Camera.

In the video Stan breaks down the “triangulation” setup in great detail and explains how the mounting setup helps secure the camera and stabilize the rig as much as possible.

In the video we see a series of bicycle mounted camera shots that are creative and solid.

I haven’t come across any DIY (Do It Yourself) projects that use this triangulating rigging technique.  Actually, I have never heard of the term before seeing this video.

I have to admit, at first glance, the setup for the rear bike mount looked ridiculous to me, LOL!  But in the video Stan explains the triangulation process and how it creates a solid camera mount. Seeing the final results in the video, it’s obvious that the setup works… well!

The Filmtools camera rigs are created using their Teenie-Weenie Camera Mounting System along with other components like the Unruly Headgear cage (shown below) for the GoPro Hero2 Camera.



Obviously, if you have the Filmtools grip gear, creating setups like this would be that much easier. But the video offers some great insight for those of you who build your own gear and camera rigs  an those of you who may be planning to mount a camera for your next production!

For more info on the items mentioned in this article:

Filmtools Teenie-Weenie Camera Mounting System

Unruly Headgear cage for the GoPro Hero Camera

GoPro Hero2 Camera

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