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“We’ll fix it in post!” is a phrase that most filmmakers never want to hear or say themselves, but as technology advances more and more software is being introduced which allows us to do just that.  And now Youtube has added another feature for users to improve their videos.

I recently noticed another new option under my latest video upload asking if I would like to “improve this video”.  When your video is upload Youtube automatically detects if your video could use an enhancement and suggests changes to resolve issues like darkness and shakiness.

Like most of the post editing features that Youtube provides, I haven’t actually used this option yet.   But it’s great to know that Youtube is continuing to introduce new ways to allow users to enhance videos!

Unfortunately, this new feature won’t actually make bad video content any better, but the feature will help enhance some basic issues like low light and camera shake.

Also, this feature is only available on videos uploaded after March 21st, 2012 and since it’s an automatic detection software not all of your videos may have the option available unless they are all… really shaky.  In which case you should look into the Quick FX DSLR Shoulder Rig Tutorial. 

I can see these options continue to become more advanced as time goes on. It won’t be long before you will be able to upload, store, edit and enhance your videos all within the Youtube interface.

You can learn more about  Youtube features HERE!

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