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More perks for Partnered Youtube channels! Custom branding options, customizable thumbnails for your videos, and Ad revenue options are just some of the additional options that Youtube offers to it’s Partnered channels and it seems they have added even more!

Logged into my Youtube channel, I noticed the usual tabs on the menu bar: Featured, Feed, Videos, and Store… Store!? It seems that Youtube has activated a new option they call “Merchandise Affiliates“ which allows users to promote and sell merchandise from their Youtube homepage.

In order to promote your licensed merchandise on YouTube, you will need to make sure that merchandise is available for sale with one or more it’s “featured affiliates”. These affiliates include: Cafepress, Topspin, SongKick, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

Find out more about these featured affiliates in the Youtube Help at this link.

Depending on which affiliate you work with, you are limited to promoting products such as audio and video downloads, t-shirts, images, tickets, and memberships. Personally, when I saw the Amazon link I was hoping to be able to promote some useful Audio and Video equipment but unfortunately, promoting these types of merchandise is not currently available.

As far as I can tell the Merchandise Affiliate option is only available for Youtube Partners.

To find out more about Youtube’s Partner Program CLICK HERE

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